Sunday, June 5, 2011

Banana Nog

Here's a practical & delicious way to inject nutrients into our bodies! 
What’s inside your glass we influence your health. 
Why is the glass? Because it turns out the human body more easily absorb & digest nutrients in the form of liquid. However, MAKE SURE only healthy & nutritious beverages that glide into your stomach! T
ry mocktail !

Different from the juice, mocktail more varied, because we can add anything to it, such as Milk & Soda, in addition mocktail rely more on the original fruit flavors are used.
Different also from Cocktail.... Mocktail who have lower calorie levels, because it does not contain alcohol.

In addition to easy to make yourself at home.... And fresh taste suitable for any occasion :)

Mocktail which I will share with you this time is - BANANA Nog. 
Make Banana Nog is very easy.
 It requires only three ingredients, Bananas - Skim Milk - Ice Cube. 
Banana easily found in traditional markets and supermarkets is it?
 In addition almost all the people I know really like this one of fruit. Even my children - Aaron, is a big fan ofthis sweet fruit, seemed to him no day without a banana:)
  • 1 Banana, have been frozen in the freezer
  • 250 ml Skim Milk / non-fat milk
  • 250 grams ice-cube- which is made from skim milk

  • Mix all ingredients together 
  • Then blend until smooth
  • Enjoy;)

Finally I enjoy that afternoon with a plate of Penne With Broccoli & Cheese, Nog Banana & EggTart:) No need to expensive restaurants to get a "Beautiful" in the eyes and "Good" for the body is it? Kitchen and our dining table ... is the best place for us :) 

Stay Healthy and Loves Your Kitchen More!;)

Difficulty : (super) Easy
Cooking Time : 5 minutes ( not include the ciiling process )
Makes : 2 Serving 
Saurce : Fit

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  1. My dear friend Els, ur Egg Tart makes me hungry @ this early morning! I shall buy some of them all the way to Bukit Timah here in SG as the bakery has the best I ever tried so far. And I think I'll hve Power breakfast today.:-) Talk to u soon again! & Happy Monday Els. <3


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