Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Tuna with Asian Style Sauce

I think tuna is a "tricky" fish to cook...
Love & hate, depend on how you cooking it.
If you want to cook a tuna, make sure not to over cooked it, since it will be hard and taste like a rubber or worse.
The best thing you can do with a tuna are to cook it with or in the sauce, or don't cook it well done, slightly pink in the middle.
if we cook it right, then this fish will be one of the juicy & tasty fish on your table!

The most important thing to do when buying a fish are to buy it from the reliable & trustworthy source.
Here in Indonesia we have one and more issue about fish. About how it captured & storage.
One and many source chose to do it not in the best method and some can even effected our health in a bad bad way... that, regarding how they store the fish after it capture, which not include ice or refrigerator and choose chemical materials to suppress the cost.
How ironic when one of the best & healthy food God gave to us become our "enemy" to have a healthier life.

Luckily now we have a trustworthy supplier which sell eco-friendly seafood in Indonesia, Fish and Blues.
They provide local fisheries product from small-scale fishermen assisted by WWF-Indonesia and JARING Nusantara.
All produced in sustainable and environmentally friendly manners. You can order it online or you can find their product on some of supermarket in the city.
By choosing eco-friendly sustainable seafood, we've participated in protecting the sea and fish resources and help improve small-scale fisherman welfare. So always choose local as you can or even better organic.

I  always try to cook a simple and nutritious dish to put on our dining table as many as i can, but as every stay at home mom experience -- we always don't have enough time for everything in life as time goes by -- don't you all agree?
That, maybe because our expectation to do all the chores in perfect way :D
Until i find Jamie Oliver show titled 30-minutes meals about a year ago. It's one of my fav to watch as one of the reference.
His passion for cooking and mission for a better health for every nations always fascinating & inspire me...
On one of the episode he cook a salmon dish with asian style sauce. Salmon is one of the healthiest fish to go to but, also one of the expensive fish here in Indonesia. I don't know about other country, but here if you able enough to eat salmon once or twice a week then you'll be considered rich!

That's why i choose to cook the dish with tuna, since it less expensive than salmon. You can also cook it with chicken or prawns.

It's been a few months since i enjoying planting some of vegetables on my backyard.
I still plant on container and planned to make a few rised-bed for the plant on our new home since we will be moving 1 month from now. We have large backyard on our new home, so we hope, we can plant most of the veggie i cook everyday.
Most of the plants i plant it from seed, and most of it heirloom and organic variety.
Here is my 6 weeks tomato plants. it's brandywine and purple indigo variety. I hope it grow well.
I'm new to gardener but always been exited each time i sow a seed to plant or while visiting the garden each morning.

Ingredients : 
. 500 gram Tuna fish (cut into 6 pieces) 
. Himalayan salt ( to taste) 
. 1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice 
. Black Pepper (to taste) 
. 2 tbsp less salted Soy Sauce
. 1-2 tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil / Olive Oil 
. 1 small thumb size Ginger 
. 2 Garlic cloves
. 1 Lime, Juice 
. 1 medium Onion 
. 2 Red Chilli, deseed
. 1/2 spicy Chilli, deseed ( you can use any spicy chilli of your choice and adjust the taste to you preference & excuse me to not know the name since it's a gift)
. Cilantro - leaf only 

Method : 

. Cut and deseeded the chilli, onion, garlic, peel the ginger and juice the lime. Turn on your oven into 180 celcius.
. Put all the ingredient in a blender. 
. Add 1 tbsp of soy sauce (i use less lasted one) and 1 tbsp of extra virgin coconut oil. 
. Close the lid and start to process until it become a paste.
. If you find it too thick and your blender can't process the ingredient, you can add 2 tbsp of water into the blender. 

. Season the fish with salt, black pepper and five spice on each side, sprinkle from above. 
. Heat a non-stick frying pan over small heat & add 1 tbsp oil. 
. Pan fry the tuna just until it slightly brown on each side. Transfer to plate. Set aside. 
. Place the sauce into a non-stick or a ceramic shallow pot. You can add about 2 tbsp water or 1 tbsp oil to loosen up the sauce if it too thick.
. Place the tuna into the ceramic pot and put into the oven for 20 minutes. 
. Garnish with cilantro leaf and chopped chilli. Best serve with warm steamed rice. 
. Enjoy!

Stay Healthy & Keep Clean! ;) 

Difficulty : Easy
Preparing time : 5 minutes
Cooking Time : 20 minutes
Makes : 6 portion 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ribbon Kyuri Salad with Asian Dressing & The Award!

I want to say apologize if for the past 2 month (imagine that!) I didn't post any new recipe or blog post here. Lot of things happen that need more attention and been busy this days and yes I did take a time to travel to Singapore and Bali at our 12Anniversary :D , Will share the photos with you as soon as I can :) 
So, reader and blogger... would you please forgive me for this late post? 
I know you will ;) 

And now, our love ones... the food of course :)

Don't you agree if I say that, nothing can compare a refreshing salad after a hectic day?! 
Well, dessert is something that we often call as an indulgence after a long day. But salad, it's just something that I will always call as a "medicine" or a "detox" that will help our palate and senses to regain their memory back... And that is, truly something most precious for us, blogger, cooker and food enthusiasm - our palate and senses!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Chicken Satay - Indonesian Chicken Satay with Spicy Peanut Sauce

As many of you know, Indonesian well know with their satay - or as we call it Sate - that because satay is considered as the national dish
There're many kind of satay depending on the origin and what meat/ fish that used on the satay. Mostly satay is serve with one or two kind of sauce, and the most common used and famous is the peanut sauce. I did ever post a satay that originated from Bali that serve with no sauce, the Balinese Fish Satay which rich in flavor and spice. And today the satay that I want to share with you is the Indonesian Chicken Satay, that has become one of my family favorite satay, well... actually, we did loves almost all kind of satay!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mapo Tofu with Shimeji Mushroom

First of all, it's not to late to say a Happy Chinese New Year to everyone who celebrate it! May your new year filled with happines - love - blessing and prosperity... Gong Xi Fat Chai! :)

Even I'm a christian, since my ancestry is chinese so CNY always bring my memory back to my childhood. When my grandfather and grandmother still alive, all the family member always gathered together. When I said all, it's seriously ALL. From aunty to uncle, causin to nephew and niece, grandchild,   brother, sister and even the family member that not blood related! 
But since I'm get merried and lived in another city, that moment is hard to find. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chicken rice comes from the Chinese subtropical island of Hainan and many of the sons and daughters of Hainan imigrated to Singapore in the past 100 years.
Hainanese chicken rice often considered as the "national dish" of singapore since this dish is famous among singaporean and overseas visitors and is often served at international expositions and global event aboard. 
Hainanese chicken rice is also one of a few local dishes served on Singapore Airlines flights. It's listed at number 45 on world's 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN Go in 2011.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A Memory to Remember and A Journey to Adventure

When you first time see the picture above, what sentences that appear in your mind? 
If that is "narscissistic" then that is not a word I'm trying to say... Well, ok maybe a little :)
You surery can find the object I'm trying to share with you in the picture above!
Yes! That is the BREAD! Our same passion - Food!!

2011 now is a memory to remember and 2012 is a journey to adventure. Along that journey I'm glad to know that I will always have all of you - reader and blogger friend - to support me and give a lot of knowledge & warm feeling inside my heart... 

So the picture above is to show my graditute & thankful : Thank You!!!! :) 

Today I'm not post a new recipe but to share all the recipe that ever been posted at Give Thanks... So this post is dedicated to all of you - reader & blogger! 
Sit back and relax as we enjoy our loveones - The Food! ;)