Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Penne with Broccoli and Cheese

Pasta ...
Talking about a pasta, it could be what comes to mind is the spaghetti or Fettuccine presented with  Aglio e Olio , Bolognese, or Macaroni bathed in a savory cream sauce. 
Actually, the pasta is not just spaghetti, macaroni or fettuccine only. There are various types of pasta shapes and names are no less attractive with solid match sauces and flavor that are not less delicious. 
No wonder this special Italian cuisine can be serve as an appetizer, main course or even a one-dish-meal and has become a favorite of many people of the world.

Penne ...

Is a type of pasta with cylinder-shaped pieces, the hollow center allows it to hold sauce penne is perfect paired with a thick and heavy sauce. Not all types of pasta can be combined with all types of sauces. The number and thickness of the sauce depending on taste, but a definite primarily "rule" is the sauce should be thick enough to stain the pasta, so that when we lifted the pasta from the plate to eat, no sauce left scattered on the plate.

  • 1 cup Penne
  • 1 cup broccoli, steamed / boiled until half-cooked
  • 1 cup Fresh Milk
  • Parsley - to taste, chopped
  • 1 tbsp Flour
  • 50 grams  Cheddar Cheese, grated (I use  Quick Melt-Kraft)
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • Ground Black Pepper, to taste


    • Boil water in a pan, add 1 tsp salt. Enter Penne, cooked until al dente. (firm but not hard)
    • Tip: Get used to always cook the sauce and pasta at the same time.
    • Pour the butter to a nonstick skillet over low heat, add the flour - stir quickly so flour does not burn. Keep stirring for a minute to make sure that the four is cooked. 
    • add in fresh milk and black pepper, stirring. 
    • A moment later, add the grated cheese, stirring until cheese has melted. 
    • Enter the penne and broccoli into the sauce. Stir until sauce is well blended. 
    • Lift from heat. 
    • Serve while still hot with chopped parsley on top. 
    • Enjoy! ;)

    This is one of my favorite breakfast.
    Apart from Penne pasta is the type I like the most, the cooking process of this is so fast!
    Plus, broccoli is one of my favorite vegetable ... and of course do not miss - The CHEESE!
    So all I can say is, this is My Super Favorite Dish for Breakfast! ;)

    Enjoy with your favorite mocktail, - then your Power Breakfast is complete!

    Remember! our breakfast will "determine" our body's systems work during the whole day:) 
    Want to energy & " help "the body to decide" smart choice "at lunch & dinner?  
    Do not forget your Power Breakfast! ;)

    Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen More! ;)

    Difficulty: easy
    Cooking Time
    : <30 minutes

    Makes: 1-2 serving


    1. This is such a creamy and satisfying pasta meal! Love the colourful penne.

    2. Tq angie! ;)
      It's creamy & healthy one when u put the broccoli in it :D
      I'm so in love with Penne :)

    3. Hi Elies! I make very similar pasta but I can't make it as creamy as yours. I checked your ingredients but it's basically milk and cheese. Maybe I should add more milk next time. This is my daughter's favorite dish (and she eats broccoli too, so that's why I'm serious about this dish haha). Delicious recipe, Elies!

    4. Tq Nami! :)
      Glad to hear that I have the same fav pasta with your daughter - my son loves it too, he doesn't eat broccoli but when I make this he start to eat broccoli :D
      Yeah... it's a simple recipe for pasta, milk & cheese is the important thing. If u use a Quick & Melt Cheese from Kraft the sauce will be more "sticky & creamy" + mild cheese flavor :)
      hope the recipe work & ur daugher love it as I do ;)

    5. We just had a pasta meal last night! This sounds too good, we may have to have another pasta dinner soon =)

    6. @ peggy :
      haha ha! Tq Peggy :)
      I always my pasta almost everyday :D

      @ Mr Lonely :
      It is! U should try to made it ;)

      @ Kate :
      Tq! I try my best :)
      Sometimes the simplest things is the best one ;)


    Tq for yout visit - your kind comment & positive feedbaback makes me happy ;)