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Amazing Cuisine__USDA - Indonesia Council of Chefs

The USDA Council of Chefs (CoC) is a council of four Indonesian chefs with different culinary skills. It consists of four areas: Baking -Mr Haryanto Makmoer ( Chef Haryanto ), Pastry-Ucu Ms Savitri ( Chef Ucu ), Hot Kitchen , Mr. Muchtar Alamsyah ( Chef Tatang ), and Healthy & Nutritional Foods , Mr. Edwin Handoyo Lau ( Chef Edwin Lau ). 
The four chefs will work with Jakarta FAS (Foreign Agricultural Service) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) who was elected in doing training and demonstrations in the culinary field. The focus of this training is the availability and application of American food products on food industry development in Indonesia. 

This event was initiated by Mr. Mike Fleming who is experienced for 45yr in cake industry and baking world. Mr. Mike Flemin,  since 1998 cooperate  with Cereal-Tech Pte Ltd as a consultant in the cake industrial  and world  of baking in Singapore and some other Asian countries. Is a Passion, commitment and desire from Mr. Mike Fleming for sharing his knowledge to the world of baking industry and encourage everyone to find happiness in this field.  
The essence of this event is to introduce some of the best product from U.S. 

In the opening, the MC even dare to say that if we are "able" to find any oranges Sunkist and Dates are sweeter they would replace it with 2 trucks ... Haha ha!  
At that time I laughed & finally when I tasted "the Sunkist” I admit my lost & rise my two thumbs up! – That is the best oranges Sunkist I ever taste!  Thumbs up for U.S. Navel Sunkist
Few tips from MC, he said that, we should buy the U.S. Navel Sunkist at July because by then the orange one is being at the sweetest time, so that we will not feel the effects of citrus or sour taste that we often feel when the orange haven’t harvest at the right time.
no wonder all this time I often confused, I did choose U.S. Navel Sunkist with the same  "labels"  every time I bought it, but why the taste of sweet is always different? It turned out that was not U.S. Navel Sunkist  "mistake" but on the "buyers" - one of which is>> ME! Haha ha! :))
For the Medjool Dates,  I did not have time to taste, although the MC once more time "challenging" the guests, that if there are more sweet and delicious from Medjool Dates he is willing to change that into two trucks - *again* :D 
At Cooking Session, Chef Ucu said that she is surprised when being told that Medjool Dates were from US-California - What makes these dates different  from the others is because of Medjool Dates are not through the usual process "applied" on the other dates, to dipped the dates into a honey. No wonder every time I eat a dates, the taste is too sweet, like unnatural sweet.  Ohhh ...no wonder I do not like it!
But Chef Ucu explained that the sweetness of the Medjool Dates is a sweet taste of real fruit. The original flavor of the dates itself.  

In the counter of the U.S. Washington, the surprise was there were 16 kinds of the Washington Apple  in Indonesia during this market -16? Wow! ! I think, from now I’ll  started to try different kinds of Washington Apple that I have not "know" and not just buy the  familiar ones only. And once again - it would be better if we started buying the type that are mature and harvested in accordance of month.  
Next time when we stop at the fruit market, we'd better start getting used to ask to the seller – “What kind of Washington Apple is  is being harvested now? "  Fruits are ripe in its season ...  what better than that? J
The Sun-Maid Raisin are also sweet. Now I just found out that this raisin products I always use - the Sun-Maid Raisins turned out to be one of the best U.S. products ... Wow! That means my choice is correct selecting a raisin!  
Moreover, when I tasted the Onde-Onde Potato that Chef Edwin made ath the cooking session – the raisin that placed in the middle of the dumplings immediately melted and spread the sweetness in my mouth:) 
Sun-Maid Raisin is the best! J 
The last counter is the Dehydrated Potato . I kind of forgot how many kinds of Dehydrated Potato is "showcased" at that time. Dehydrated Potato turned out completely different from potato starch / potato flour as we know. Apparently Dehydrated Potato can be used "almost" in every chance in the kitchen.
For example, for the manufacture of Bread and Cake - Dehydrated Potato give the effect of soft & moist on the bread. We often find  a sense of "dry" on the bread / cake on day 2 or after we put in the chiller.  And proved, Apple Banana Rool  made by Chef Ucu and Assorted Pukis from Chef Haryanto are very soft & moist ! :)
After introduction of several products of this event continued with the Cooking Session of the 4th Chef above and end with food tasting & lunch buffet. 

The point  is I really enjoy the "Amazing Cuisine",  because I get a lot of knowledge in the culinary field that I love so much, I also "find" new friend that have the same interests - writing & blogging. U can visiting Her Blog  - Desy write all about what woman need. It's about fashion, food event, beauty & etc. She is very nice & sweet & Living Daisy  become 1 of fav blog since then 
Profiles of the chefs and cooking sessions will be posted in my next post:) 

Taste The Food... Savour The Experience! Agree? ;) 

More information about the above products can contact: 

United States Department of Agriculture
Foreign Agricultural Service Jakarta, Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan 3-5
Jakarta 10110
Tel: 62-21-3435 9161
Fax: 62-21-3435 9920
Email: agjakarta@fas.usda.gov


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