Thursday, November 10, 2011

Balinese Fish Satay - Sate Lilit Bali ( a guess post at Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis )

I think when someone said "Indonesia" that will remembering them of one most beautiful island - Bali!
Bali is one of the most famous island in Indonesia that well known fot their beautiful landscape, beaches, culture & of course... Food!
One of the most well known traditional Bali dishes is Balinese Fish Satay or well known as Sate Lilit in Indonesia. This authentic satay is prepare with most known Indonesia spice and herb, warp in a beautiful aroma of lemongrass and grill.

Today I do a guess post at A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis. And as you know this is my first time making a guess post so Im a little bit nervous and exited at the same time :)
I would say that Chef Dennis is one of Foodbuzz blogger that I know when I start to decide blogging again and joining Foodbuzz. I countinuously read his blog and twetting his post, so you can't blame me if start from that day I become one of his "fans" on the blogging world.
And when the chef is asking me to do my first guess post at his blog I'm very "shock" and happy at the same time!
So... thank you Chef Dennis for gives me the honor to do the guess post today on your inspired blog :)

So prepare your grill... and let's we go to the most inspire chef blog - Chef Dennis - and view the recipe & story at A Culinary Journey with Chef Dennis :)

Hope you can feel a little bit of Bali atmosphere and hope someday you can enjoy the beautiful island of Bali :)

Have a great week a head! 

Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen 

More! ;) 

This recipe is my November entry for Indonesian Food Party, this event is initiated by Tata Bonita from Bonitas Cooking & Bento Wonderland

Difficulty: easy
Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking time : 30 minutes
Serve: 16 satay
Adapted from : 80 warisan kuliner nusantara cookbook 


  1. Elies,this is great,fish satay looks so Yummy,and yes i hope everyone can visit bali someday,one of a beautiful island :)

  2. Thank you for such a delicious Guest post! I know everyone is going to love it! Have a great weekend my friend!

  3. Tq ridwan! This satay is indeed the star of the day everytime I serve it on my dining table, every family member enjoy it :)
    Yeah... my turn to visit bali is on march/12... so exited! ;)

  4. @Chef Dennis
    Thank you again chef fr giving me the honor! My pleasure!
    Have a great blessed weekend to you too! ;)

  5. YAY! Congratulations on a terrific post!

  6. I love every every sate :) Sate lilit Bali is one of them.

  7. A lot of my friends have been to Bali and heard great things about the island. Hope to visit there one day and eat this!! Congrats on the guest post Elies!

  8. @indo Eats
    I think most Indonesian ppl loves satay don't u agree? and this ones is full of flavor! :)

  9. @Nami
    Tq nami!
    I never been to bali before and yes the food and landscape is makes me want to go there, next year is my turn! Hope your's will be soon nami! ;)

  10. Congrats! It's a lovely guest post ^^. Yes yes yes, who doesn't love Sate? :D. Thanks a lot for your entries for IFP, we will post them all on our next round up. Have a great day!

  11. Love, loved your delicious guest post! I want to reach in through the screen and sample one :)

  12. Hey Elies ! Congrats on the guest post at Chef Dennis blog ;) That's really a great recipe and gorgeous presentation , too ;)

  13. Elies, this awesome! I am sure the flavor is explosive! Congrats on guest post at Chef Dennis blog.

  14. Such a nice job on the guest post! Looks delicious!

  15. the use of lemongrass here is just so beautiful...

  16. Nice one Chef :) lemongrass worked very well indeed.

  17. Wow! These is so delicious! I really have to try this recipe! Great post!

  18. Thank you for sharing this delicious recipe!

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