Thursday, November 17, 2011

Flaxseed Brownie

I have to admit... but,
Don't tell anyone...
Or they will come to my house every breakfast!

I'm crazy for chocolate and brownies!! At breakfast!

Well everyone loves chocolate & brownies... but, 
I have to have any of that chocolately "everytime" I finish my meal... especially at breakfast!
A dessert breakfast!

So, the first thing I looking for in the morning after I have my hot morning lemon water is... a brownies or a chocolate cookies... or any cookies with chocolate on the label.
Sometimes, I will make a bread or  pancake for breakfast, but still... I will always looking for anything chocolately after that.
Do I have a sweet tooth?
I'll said that I'm not a sweet tooth person because the "sensasion" that I loves in the chocolate is the bitter one... dark chocolate? 
Yes Please! :D

Moreover... how could you resist if all THIS ingredients awaiting you every morning and after a meal? 

And as we know...
Chocolate, especially dark chocolate rich in antioxidants that can reduce the formation of free radicals. Dark chocolate also can affect serotonin levels on our brain that can effect "give the good mood" sensation on the brain same as banana. And the more good news is dark chocolate has also been said can reduce the possibility of heart attack if consume regularly on small amounts.

Flaxseed is rich source of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids and extremely nutritious when added to any of baked goods.
And all goodness of dark chocolate are combine with the nutritious of flaxseed... need more good news than that? :)

Ingredients :
Directions :

  • Preheat oven to 160C.
  • Melt butter and chocolate on low heat. Remove from heat.

  • Stir in sugar and mix until just combine.
  • Add in eggs and vanilla, beat lightly just until combine (don't over beat or brownies will rise up too high and fall , a tips from Ann)

  • Stir in orange zest and juice, stir just until combine
  • Add flour, stir until combine.
  • Prepare the 25x15cm lined baking pan, spray the bottom of the pan with olive oil evenly so the foil does not stick on the pan when you lift the brownie.
  • Place the shiny part of the foil side up on the pan. 
  • Spread 2/3 of the batter on the baking pan.
  • Sprinkle chocochip on top of the batter.
  • Add all the remaining batter and spread out evenly.

  • Sprinkle the golden flaxseed on top evenly.
  • Bake at 160C for 25-30 minutes. 
  • Remove from the oven and leave on the pan for 5 minutes before lift the foil.
  • Enjoy! ;) 

When all the good things about baking is in our hand and even can "give" a good mood sensation in the morning... what other reason is needed not to find & bake your own Healthy Brownies in the morning? A Flaxseed Brownie!
Please, give your body "a sweet injection" in the morning to prevent you from craving sugar and sweet in the night.
And did you know that when you indulge your "sweet tooth" in the morning, then your body can make a smart choice automaticaly when the lunch and dinner time is come?

Loves chocolately and brownies as me?
Please have it in the morning! ;) 

Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen More! ;) 

Difficulty : Easy
Preparation : 5 minutes
Cooking Time : 45 minutes
Adapted From : a brownies recipe emailed by Ann from Healthy Cooking For Me
Nutrition Source : Wikipedia 


  1. Wow - you adapted those into a POWER FOOD! What a great idea to add flax seed, orange and unsweetened chocolate...AND whole wheat flour! Very tasty and I would feel like I was taking vitamins with this one!

  2. @ann
    right! then no need to be "guilty" crazy over this wonderful bar!
    Tq ann fr the recipe, brownie rock! ;)

  3. A healthy alternative to some of those artery-clogging brownie recipes :D I bet it taste yummy , too :)

  4. wow! I'm yet to try flax seeds in my brownies! They look absolutely fabulous! What gorgeous clicks E!

  5. Honestly, if I can bake delicious brownie like this, I'd be eating this after every meal. I'm that bad and out of control when it's chocolate and sweet desserts.... I'm so bad! At least you end with breakfast right? Haha! This looks very delicious Elies!!!

  6. looks so yummy,no wonder you have it for breakfast,,,i will have that for BLD after meal,,,topping with ice cream event better and I will not feel guilty at all hahahahahh :)

  7. Hi Elies, How are you? I found your blog via Chef Dennis' blog. Really enjoyed reading your guest post and glad to have found your blog. I love brownies too. These look so delicious!

  8. sstt... I like to it them in breakfast too :))
    your brownies looks delish Dear... jadi pengen bikin brownies juga nih.. ^,^


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