Thursday, April 26, 2018

A new beginning

Long time no see, 

I haven't make a single post in a long time and somehow i post recipe more often on my instagram and facebook page these few months. 
I'm so sorry about that.

Start from today i will not post more on these blog. And all  the recipe content will not available anymore in this blog. All the content will move to  my NEW BLOG i made a few month ago.
The name of the blog still the same. I just move it to another platform.

The blog still new coz i didn't familiar with all feature on the new platform. 

I already write some new post and start to move old post to the new blog
One at a time, since i did it all by myself :D

So, this is a farewell, but not completely true, bcoz we can still found & support each other on my new blog.

I really" appreciate all of you.
To all friends i found since i create these blog and readers that always give kind comment and encouragement. 

not enough word to show my gratitude to you all.

I hope we can still get in touch with each other on my new blog.


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