Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mak Kimchi - (easy to make ) Kimchi

Everyone who loves to watched Korean drama would be curious about this korean dishes - KIMCHI, coz this dishes often served in almost every meal. 
Well... most of my friend are, and so do I :D
But for those who doesn't know often puzzle when I mention about Kimchi. 
So... What is Kimchi actually? 
Kimchi is same as pickle, but with lots of ingredients, it's korean pickle. Kimchi taste sour, salty and spicy. If u make it properly & use the right ingredients then u can taste the real flavor of Kimchi - korean flavor. 

I ones eat at a few korean restaurant & the kimchi they serve is chance from the original flavor. That because they chance the most important ingredient - korean red paper powder. I even find 1 of them add the chili padi into the kimchi to make it more spicy. Yes... the red paper powder is cost more, but in the end u will have a lovely kimchi with rich flavor that will makes u fall in love. Well... I'm :) 
I make this Kimchi about 2 week ago. This is my 3rd times making this korean dishes. I found the recipe from Maangchi.com . This kind of Kimchi is a little bit different with the other one, the fermented kimchi. Mak Kimchi is less sour then the fermented kimchi, even after 1 weeks I didn't taste the sourness. Well... maybe a little :D
I make a few chance from the original recipe to suit our taste. Such as the level of spiciness. Maangchi said that if u want the spicy one u should add 2,5cup of red paper powder for 4,5kg of cabbage. But I think for Indonesian people that don't spicy enough. 
Indonesian people always eat chili padi almost everyday, so we will choose the kind level of spiciness that Maangchi use to said as a suicide level... Haha ha! 
The ingredients for the kimchi is less same as like Maangchi make on her video  but I prefer more spice on my kimchi, so I make it with 3kg of cabbage.

Ingredients : 

  • 3 kg Napa Cabbage/ Chinese Cabbage 
  • 1 large White Radish 
  • 3 large Carrot
  • 1 large Onion, cut into 4 part 
  • 1 handful Chive ( u can skip it if u don't like & switch with Leek )
  • 1/2 handful Green Onion
  • 3 cm Ginger, slice  
  • 1 cup ( 240ml ) Fish Sauce (please choose a good quality fish sauce)
  • 3 cup Korean Red Paper Powder
  • 1/4 cup Sugar
  • 3 cup Water
  • 1/2 cup Sweet Rice Flour
  • 10 cloves Garlic

  •  Cut the cabbage into 4 part & removed the cores, cut into 2-3cm long. Put the cabbage in big bowl. Soaked the cabbage in cold water & rinse 2 times. add 2/3 cup of salt, stir until blended. Turn the cabbage over every 30minutes. Discard the water, washed 3 times in cold water, drain. set a side.  

  • Cut the white radish and carrot into thinly sliced lengthwise.
  • Cut the chives 3-4cm long. 
  • Cut the green onion diagonally-slice. 
  • Cut onion into 4 part. Puree the onion, ginger & garlic with fish sauce on the food processor. Set a side. 
  • Put 3 cup of water & 1 cup of sweet rice flour in a non-stick pot, in low heat, bring to boil and stirring continuously. 
  • When the porridge start to bubble, add 1/4 cup of sugar, stir until combain. 
  • Remove from heat when the porridge start to translucent. Cool it until room temperature. 
  • Mix the porridge with red paper powder until combined, taste first, if u prefer your kimchi more spicy then you can add more red paper powder. 
  • Add the white radish, carrot, green onion, chives to the kimchi paste, stir until well blended.
  • Add the cabbage and stir until well blended. 
  • Put the kimchi on the airtight-container such as lock & lock, press down the kimchi so there will be no air in the middle of your kimchi.
  • Store in 2 part, put 1 part in a big container & 1 part on a small container. So your kimchi from the big container will fermented slowly & stay fresh. 
  • Eat your kimchi from the small container first, then when it's empty, add more kimchi on the small container from the big container. Confused? Well... u will get use to it :D 
  • If u prefer your kimchi to have more sour taste then u can place the container first on room temperature for about a day. After that you can put it in the refrigerator.
  • After a day or 2 you can open the container, and if you smell sour smells or see a bubble on your kimchi - that's means your kimchi is being fermented. 
  • You can eat the kimchi right after or wait until it's being fermented. 
  • Kimchi can stay &  still fresh for about 1 month, if you make it properly. 
  • Enjoy ur Kimchi! ;) 
Nah... no need to go to a korean restaurant to enjoy ur favorite kimchi, now you can make it at home :)

Stay healthy & loves your kitchen more! ;) 

Difficulty: Easy ( but takes times )
Cooking Time: < 3 hours 
Makes: 4kg of kimchi 


  1. I love eating kimchi with certain meals, but I've never tried making my own. I'll have to do that soon!

  2. Okay -I don't ordinarily care for kimchi, but you may just change my mind with this one. GREAT photos....

  3. @Peggy
    I use to "afraid" making kimchi, I'm afraid the kimchi will not fermented well, but when I try it - it's easy, it's takes times... yes, but still easy I guess :D
    If u have a chance to make it, let me know the result dear ;)

  4. @Ann
    Hello Ann... nice to know u :)
    Tq for ur kind comment, I try my best :)

  5. Oh this dish looks absolutely amazing!! I love all the flavors! Love your blog and so glad to be a new follower! xoxo

  6. Elies, this is a beautiful shot of kimchi!!! I unfortunately can't eat spicy food (physically I can't) but always wish that my life would be much more fun if I can enjoy spicy food like this. My husband is a big fan of kimchi tho. Poor thing he can't eat any of this at home because I don't cook! Very nice how to!

  7. @Kelly
    Tq Kelly for ur kind comment! Love ur blog too! ;)

  8. @Nami
    Tq Nami!
    Sometimes when I watch korean drama I will always wondering how can I eat that? The korean restaurant that I use to eat is so far away & it’s on the other city – so eating Kimci for me use to be “a dream”
    now becoz of Maangchi & her blog – it’s a dream come true :)

    Today I serve kimchi makes soup with squid + tofu and zucchini pancake – & we eat with glad :)
    Hope ur husband can feel the same feeling like I do when u have a chance to make this korean pickle ;)

  9. If I had kimchi, usually stir-fried with rice. Very delicious that way.

  10. Hi Angeie...
    So u like kimchi too? :)
    Yes it's call fried rice kimchi , I often make it for a breakfast if I haven't time to make other dishes coz my son & husband love the kimchi fried rise so much :)
    I will call kimci as a all-purpose side dish, u can make it as almost anything - soup, pancake, pickle, fried rice, stew, noodle & etc :)
    Enjoy ur kimci Angie! ;)

  11. I am not a big fan of kimchi but this sure looks good!

  12. This looks really good. I am not happy with the results I get from the recipe I'm currently using, so a new one is most welcome. This is my first visit to your blog so I took some time to browse through your earlier entries. I'm so glad I did that. I really like the diversity of food you feature here and I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. @Quay Po Cooks
    Tq! It is, it's ok, tq for coming & ur kind comment :)

  14. @Mary
    Tq mary!:)
    I'm glad if my recipe can help u to love ur kimchi again, or maybe makes u fall in love with :)
    and tq for browse my page, hope we can share recipe & adventure together
    Bless u too dear! ;)

  15. Hi Elies
    Im from indo too, i live in surabaya...
    may i know what type of sweet rice flour do u use for the porridge? can i use the rose brand tepung beras?

  16. @Felicia
    Hi Felicia... nice to know u!
    Yes u right - the rose brand but use the glutinous flour > u can read wikipedia entry here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice_flour

    good luck with ur kimchi - hope it's helps!
    let me know the result ya :)

  17. Hi, came across your blog. I want to try out your recipe. Just a quick question.
    How long did you soak your cabbage in this step "Soaked the cabbage in cold water & rinse 2 times."

  18. Hai... Tq for stopping by at my blog and sorry for the late reply :)
    the period of time you soaked the cabbage in cold water is depending on how much salt you put in the cabbage actually, mine is maybe 10mnt... but if you happen to be putting less salt on your cabbage then no need to soak the cabbage... the purpose of this step is just to ensure that the amount of salt be put before in the cabbage is rinsed properly
    hope the answer help and looking forward for your visit again :)
    have fun making the kimchi ;)


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