Monday, August 15, 2011

Zucchini Pancake ( korean style )

Korean Zucchini Pancakes – Hobak buchimgae 호박부침개 is one of pan-fried pancake variety in Korea. It often serve as side dish (banchan), appetizer, or snack. People often order it as a companion food for drinks in food stall or night market. And mother often serve it when there’s member of the family bringing home their friends at home. The dish are so easy to make.
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    Difficulty: Easy 
    Cooking Time: < 20 minutes

    Makes: 1 serving plate 


    1. This looks absolutely delicious! Light and flavorful, and anything with sesame oil is wonderful. Yum!

    2. This looks delicious, i have not made a similar dish so i will have to try it :)

    3. Great recipe! I have never made a savoury pancake (now I wonder why??!)... this looks amazingly tasty! I too love zucchini! Bookmarked!

    4. @Cheryl & Adam
      So u love sesame oil? Me too!! :D
      This one is my fav :)
      Tq Cheryl!

    5. @Muppy
      Tq Muppy!
      Give it a try & let me know the result! ;)

    6. @Manu
      Hi Manu... yes, korean ppl have 2 different of pancake - the sweet one & the savory one :)
      Oh so u love zucchini too?!
      Tq & hope u like it when u have the time to try the recipe ;)

    7. This seems like such a great snack! And I bet the toasted sesame oil brings it over the edge!

    8. I am sure this savory pancake taste good. Love all the ingredients used.

    9. @quay Po Cooks
      Tq! I think lots of ppl loves this veggie... haha ha! Yes - this kind of snack that will makes u "addicted" - healthy & tasty! ;)

    10. @Tiffany
      Tq Tiffany!
      Yes! Agree with u dear - everything with sesame oil is turn out to be amazing & the sesame oil makes this pancake more crispy not mention the aroma! ;)

    11. Those pancakes look so mouthwatering. Healthy and delicious.

    12. Wow - this looks amazing! I love Korean style pancakes and your dipping sauce is amazing!

    13. @angie
      Tq angie! Yes! healthy & delicious! ;)

    14. @Ann
      Tq Ann!
      The dipping sauce recipe is I got from maangchi.com - I just switch up a few ingred that I have in hand :)
      By the way... ur whole wheat bread is amazing! Love it! ;)


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