Friday, July 1, 2011

Orange Mulled Syrup

This Syrup is very easy to make & most importantly - fast! ;) 
I got the idea for this syrup from the foodnetwork . 
The mixture of granulated sugar, brown sugar, orange, cinnamon and cloves. 
This is actually similar with Maple Syrup. But it is very difficult to find a maple leaf  in Indonesia, so I use what I have in hand J
The fragrant of Sunkist orange & cinnamon which I like, and a little "kick" of cloves make this syrup is no less tasty with a rich aroma :) 

  • 1 cup ( 240ml )  Brown Sugar
  •  1 cup ( 240ml ) Granulated  Sugar
  • 1 cup ( 240ml)   Water 
  • 1 piece of Sunkist oranges, cut into 4 parts
  •  2 cinnamon sticks 

  • Mix all ingredients on top of non-stick pan, except for Sunkist oranges. Cook over low heat. 
  • Once the sugar has dissolved, squeeze Sunkist, combine the lemon & orange peel into the sugar water.
  • Continue cooking over low heat for 5 minutes / until the desired consistency. Lift.Let cool to room temperature.
  • Place in airtight jars & put in the refrigerator. 
  • Enjoy!  J               

    I often use it for my Pancake, which often I made for breakfast J
    Last week I even use it for my Mango Basil Sorbet with Orange Syrup Mulled  J

    When it is cooled at room temperature & placed in a jar, this syrup can be used as a gifts to neighbors / friends, any of them  who really like pancakes - like me: D

    If someone gave it to me as a gift ... then I will not resist J

    To be sure, the scent of cinnamon, brown sugar, orange & clove at  my kitchen that morning ...  is better than any aromatherapy  I have ever lit in my house:) 

    Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen More! ;) 

    Difficulty : (super) Easy 
    Cooking Time : < 15 minutes ( not included the cooling process ) 
    Makes : 1 jar ( 500ml or less ) 


    1. Yum! Such a simple and delicious looking recipe. I am definitely going to have to try this.

    2. Tq Russel for ur kind comment! :)
      It's easy to make, give it a try ;)

    3. Ooooh this sounds delicious... finger licking and all! :)

    4. Love it Ellies! biasanya saya bikin pakai maple juga.. but this is another good idea ya.. tetep masak-masak ! :))

    5. I too like to make syrup at home and that way we can make variety and less quantity.This looks lovely :)

    6. @kate...
      Haha ha! Tq Kate!
      Finger licking - its true! ;)

      @My home diary in Turkey...
      Tq! wah... kepingin juga tuh sekali-sekali nyobain syrup maple :)
      Hidup kuliner! ;)

      Tq kankana!
      If u love the aroma of orange & cinnamon... u'll love this syrup :)
      Cloves is just an optional, but it's give a little "kick" to the syrup :)


    Tq for yout visit - your kind comment & positive feedbaback makes me happy ;)