Thursday, August 18, 2011

Healthier - Garlic Bread

Everyone who loves toast bread will also loves Garlic Bread - even my 3 & 5 years old son :)
Pizza Hut is one of the restaurant that we often visit when we go out because Ferrel - my 5yr - is so "picky" about food. And the pizza hut is his favorite's because he always "crazy" about the garlic bread served there! 

French bread or baguette and Italian bread often used for making garlic bread, but today I only use regular bread since only that what I have in hand - you can used any bread u like :) 

This variety of toast bread already appeared in US restaurant menus since at least 1947. And always be on my kitchen table when I have a spaghetti or soup as a meal - enjoy my Healthy Green Peas Soup recipe with this garlic bread ;) 

  • Any kind of Bread - italian bread or french bread or whole wheat bread 
  • 2-4 cloves of Garlic, minced finery
  • generous splash of Evoo
  • a handful Fresh Parsley
  • salt & paper to taste ( optional ) 
  • Slice the bread.
  • Finery chopped the fresh parsley.
  • Finery chopped the garlic.

    • Mix the garlic, fresh parsley & evoo on a bowl. 
    • Mix the bread with the herb well.

    • Arange the bread on non-stick bake pan.
    • Bake at 175C for 5-10 minutes or until golden brown.
    • Remove from the pan from heat.
    • Enjoy with spaghetti or soup.

    This is my healthier kind of garlic bread... And turn out this is become one of Ferrel favorite too :)

    Healthier or regular variation of garlic bread you love - Enjoy your version of garlic bread and share with you love one today! :)

    Stay Healthy and Loves Your Kitchen More! ;) 

    Difficulty: Easy 
    Cooking Time: 15 Minutes

    Makes: 1 Portion to share  


    1. This sounds really good! I love making homemade garlic bread =)

    2. Garlic bread goes fast around this house! Your pictures look very tasty, yum!

    3. @Peggy
      Ohh - we have the same in common *again*!
      Homemade garlic bread is the best!
      Tq Peggy! ;)

    4. @Tina
      YEP! I have to "stop" my sons from eating it again& again! Haha ha!
      Tq Tina!

    5. Great bread!! Garlic bread has to be a favorite of so many people. Love that you use Olive Oil in stead of butter!

    6. @Erin
      Hi Erin... Tq!
      Agree with u garlic bread is a fav for many ppl, but maybe not quite in Indonesia , becoz not all indonesia ppl loves western food or italian :)
      Lucky me I loves almost every cuisine :D
      well... I loves butter but I do love olive oil more... haha ha!

    7. Wiiiiyyy, so delicious! It's a great recipe!

    8. mmmmm I do love garlic bread...a lot! :)

    9. This sounds absolutely delicious!

    10. It is healthier and I love it! And not to mention, it's easy to make!


    Tq for yout visit - your kind comment & positive feedbaback makes me happy ;)