Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seasoned Crispy Fried Mushroom

Yesterday I'm too tired and lazy to make a post. 
Well, I have 3 different dish to make - the ones that's takes much times & not include I'm joining my sons playing Wii... 
I'm playing the Wii? Yes! I do loves games - almost all kind of it! Looks like it's "genetic". 
So... me & my husband loves games, my kids, my sisters & brother, my mom? well... I don't know for that! Maybe?! Haha ha! 
But I - we try to control the intensity - everything with a "addicted" on the label is not good isn't it? 

It's remain me that I do have something that's makes me "addicted" - the crispy mushrooms addict! 
Well... can't blame me or... us for addicting this one :D

I do love mushrooms - all kind of it. But this crispy mushrooms is one of my favorite. 
My sons don't eat mushroom - all kind of it. That's makes me start to think what can I do to "makes" them eat the mushroom?
So... I'm try a few idea & with this one, now the crispy mushrooms become our family favorite! ;) 

There's a few variety of crispy mushrooms sold in Indonesia, the cheesy one, the spicy one, the sweet one, & the regular one. People often buy it for a snack or for a side dish. 
I hope for who haven't try this variety of mushroom dish, this one can be your favorite too :) 


  • 300 gram Oyster Mushrooms 
  • 3/4 cup Rice Flour
  • 1 tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Coriander Powder
  • 1/2 tsp Salt 
  • 1 cup cold (ice) water - if u use a double dipping method 

Directions :

  • Cut The mushrooms from his roots. Cut Into 2 - 3 part if your mushrooms too big.

  • Rince the mushrooms until clean. 
  • Squeeze the mushroom with both hand gently. Put it in a strainer, Set a side. 

  • Mix all the dry Ingredients in a bowl until combine's.  
  • Dip and roll the mushroom into the seasoned flour until all parts of mushroom covered by flour. Set a side. 
Double Dipping :
  • Place the seasoned flour with the cold (ice) water side by side.
  • Roll and dipp the mushroom into the seasoned flour - dip the mushroom into the cold water - dip again into the seasoned flour. 

  • Fry the mushrooms on the medium high heat. Separate the mushrooms one by one so it's doesn't stick together. 
  • Fry until golden brown / crispy.
  • Lift from heat, place on a plate that covered with a kitchen tissue. 
  • Enjoy! ;) 

I make 2 kind of mushrooms that day - the regular one ( left ) & the double dipping one ( right ) .
All my 3 sons, husband & sisters loves the left one & for me I loves the right one.
The double dipping  - seriously crispy, my sons doesn't know that is a mushrooms until I tell them so... seriously crispy.
The regular one - It's still crispy but you can still "taste" texture of the mushrooms ( but not wet )...  crispy & juicy.

Which one is your favorite?  
Whatever it is cook it with glad & enjoy with your loves ones! ;) 

Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen More! ;) 

Difficulty: Easy 
Cooking Time: < 30 Minutes

Makes: 1 serving to share


  1. hmmm..... kelihatan so crispy dan yummy Elies... love to try it juga ^,^ thx for sharing

  2. I have made fried mushrooms before but yours look so much better. I will need to try this recipe the addition of the coriander and garlic sounds delicious.

  3. Oh - these are incredible! I would enjoy both the crispy and seriously crispy ones! I enjoy games, but don't play Wii. Have you ever tried Plants Vs. Zombies on the computer? That's my favorite!

  4. WOW! These must be delicious! I've never had crispy fried mushrooms... time to change that!

  5. @Citra
    He eh... sama" cit - tq for ur kind comment!
    Try it & let me know! ;)

  6. @Tina
    Glad to add another version to ur fried mushrooms Tina :)
    Garlic & coriander is best friend!
    Tq Tina ;)

  7. @Ann
    Tq Ann!
    Yes I play games on the computer too but never try the Plants Vs Zombies :D

  8. @Kate
    Tq Kate!
    Try it - if u loves mushrooms & snack - then "prepare" to get addicted ;)

  9. I LOVE mushrooms too! This a great idea! I usually deep fry mushroom, but it's in tempura style. This is a nice twist for me!

  10. I want to become a crispy mushroom addict too! Awesome - Megan

  11. @Nami
    Tq Nami!
    Tempura style - yes! ;)

  12. @Megan
    Tq Megan!
    Let's join! Glad u like it too ;)

  13. What a great thing to do with Oyster mushrooms! It really showcases the mushrooms rather than hide them in a soup or something. Great idea - they sounds absolutely delicious!

  14. oh my goodness. We LOVE mushrooms but never made them this way. i'm already drooling!!!

  15. @mjskit
    almost all kind of mushroom made "this way" in Indonesia... haha ha! I think maybe ppl here like the "fried thing" - everything should be & can be fried :D
    Tq mjskit! nice to know u! ;)

  16. @Roxana
    Tq Roxana!
    try to make it & let me know if u like ir ot not ;)


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