Friday, September 16, 2011

My First Award - The Versatile Blogger Award

A week ago Ann from Cooking Healthy For Me stop by at my blog and said that I won an award - The Versatile Blogger Award - My first award! YAY!

Ann is one of the blogger that I meet from the first time I start blogging and joining Foodbuzz. Ann blog is one of the blog that I'm enjoy reading. 
From the first time I read her blog I was said to my self - this blog full with great & tasty also simple recipe but healthy at the same time!! This is what I always trying to do! From that day I always enjoyed my visit at Ann blog and enjoyed every tweet I have with her. 
So Ann... Tq for passing the award to me - I'm very truly honored! :)

The rules of the Versatile Blogger are as follows"
1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to their site.
2. Share seven things about your self.
3. Pass the award along to fifteen bloggers you're discovered and read.

Ok let's start...
Here are seven random things about me :

1. I loves all the color that maybe a "girl" doesn't like! Green - Blue - Gray - Brown - Black - White - Purple
2. I'm Addicted to Coffe!! The smell of coffe always makes my day.
3. My favorite number is 9 - that because my birthday is at 9, on september at 1979 - get it? :D
4. I loves cloud more than star - rain and rainbow more than sunlight - winter & autumn more than spring & summer - night more than day. I just feeling... romantic! :) 
5. I'm crazy madly in love with cooking and food-photography, the most comfortable place for me is while I'm at my kitchen - cooking! And the funny things is by looking at the ingredients I feeling an excessive joy! Funny isn't it? :)
6. I loves watching korean drama! :P
7. I loves reading! My favorite store is a book-store! ;) 

And these are the 15th amazing blogger that I want to share the award with - receive this award and share your 7 random fact with us! ;) 

Manu - Manus Menu
Tina - Flourtrader
Angie - Angie's Recipe
Citra - My Home Diary In Turkey
Ruby - Tomayto Tomaaahto
Giulietta - Alterkitchen
Russel - Chasing Delicious
Erin - Diner Dishes and Dessert
Roxana - A little Bit Of Everything
Kelly - Eat Yourself Skinny
Quay Po - Quay Po Cook's
Kate - Diethood
Megan - Foodalution
Kate - Kate From Scratch

Congratz for the award blogger and have a great weekend! 

Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen More! ;) 


  1. Congratulations to you and thanks for including me in your awards, I'm flattered. And I love bookstores too - would love to open one of my own one day!

  2. Hi Ruby!
    most welcome & congratz again to u :)
    Wow we have the same "issue" then! I even want to be a librarian! Haha ha

  3. Congratulations on you first award!!! So well deserved!!! :-)))
    And thank you so much for passing it along to me, I am honoured! :-)))
    We have quite a few things in common... I too love a cloudy day more than a sunny day and winter more than summer!!! hehhe <3

  4. Tq manu!! :D
    I'm honored to pass the award to u too my dear! :)
    Ohh... we have the same feelings then! romantic one?! ;)

  5. Congratulations! and Thank you, Elies, for passing it to me.
    Love your sunny and bright smile. ;-))

  6. Thanks a lot, Elies! And congrats for your first award: it's always a big thrill! :)

  7. Congrats on your award! You have a lovely blog and certainly deserve it!

  8. Congratulations on the award....it's well deserved! I'm a happy cook, reader night owl, too! Except I LOVE girlie colors. Pink and sunny yellow are my favorites! Congrats again!

  9. Congrats on the award, it is well deserved! Thank you for thinking of me when passing it on.

  10. congrats on your award!! Very well deserved!

  11. Oh I love Ann's blog too. She's also a very nice person. And you too, Elies! You have been so kind and thanks for your friendship!

    It was nice to know more about you! I used to watch Korean dramas too but I got too busy nowadays. They get too addicting!! :-)

  12. Elies, Hugs for thinking of me for the award and congrats to you getting the award which is well deserved:D.. I am afraid I will not be displaying the award at my blog right now until I figure out how to have dedicate page the awards I received but that does not mean I don't appreciate it. I do! Have a nice weekend.

  13. @Giuiletta
    Tq! Yes it was a big thrill! ;)

  14. @Ann
    Tq ann!!
    As always ur kind comment is one of a kind, thx again my dear :)
    reader night owl - same here!! ;)

  15. @Erin
    tq erin & your welcome, same goes well to u! ;)

  16. @Nami
    Tq nami!
    Yeah... she so kind & sweet isn't it? :)
    Tq for ur friendship too nami, I'm honored :)

  17. @Quay Po
    Tq quay po & welcome! *Hugs* too!! :D
    It's ok my dear :)
    Tq for visiting & bopes u will find out to make the dedicated post ;)


Tq for yout visit - your kind comment & positive feedbaback makes me happy ;)