Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Banana Pancake - for ah Chun

At 9/9 is my birthday, but different from any birthday that I ever had, I just too lazy to cook that day! Haha ha!
This year I enjoying my birthday in "unusual" way - I travel almost 3-4hours in total to go to one of theater that plays a movie I really wanted to watched - My Kingdom!
My Kingdom now played in theater at US, Canada, SG, Indonesia, Malaysia, Beijing & HK. 
Be sure to watch the movie! Very touching & great scene ;)

I want to share this with you guys - as a fellow foodie & food-blogger :)
To tell you the truth... I want to watch the movie because there is an artist who played in the film that I want to support.  
His name is Goh Kiat Chun, known as Wu Chun - we call him ah Chun... well, he like to being call that way, I think maybe to keep remembering him that even he is an artist, he still the same GKC... a brunei who loves his family more than fame :)

I watched his drama - Hanakimi & Romantic Princess, but I never care about the artist.
I'm a type of person who never care about artist life, why? 
Well... they just artist. You can't blame me for this :D
But the first time I type: loves for Food on YouTube I found his video - wu chun : a certified food lover
Since then, I browsing about him on the internet & found his article that he wrote by his self & it's touched my heart. 
For sure, I care & support him not because of his looks, & touched not because of his role in drama or movie or even just because he the owner of Fitness Zone in Brunei. It's just because he's GKC, Goh Kiat Chun - a certified food lover. well... you can't blame me for this one either :D
Somehow - food... did connecting people around the world, even people we never meet :) 
photo taken yesterday - courtesy : Jolyntoh @Weibo

From what I know from reading his Blog... he is an idol who have a simple view in life, a very hardworking & low key person who cherish life & treasure family more than fame, he always encourage others especially his angels (fans) to face life with strong heart & happiness & to have a healthy life... 
And from how he tread his angels (he call his fans as his guardian angels)... one think I know, he is just like a normal people - like us - who happen to be have a job as an artist, just a simple person who doesn't act like an idol. 
And why I mentioning him today on my post is because he's a king of foodie. He LOVES to eat!! Seriously! And he can eat a lot
He loves all kind of food. So when being ask what is his favorite food he will always answer: So Many!! LOL 
And what surprise me is he can cook & loves to cook + he loves taking picture of food... I wish he is a food-blogger too! Haha ha!

But his schedule is so tight, especially this week. He have to travel to different country & city to promoting My Kingdom and Sunshine Angel - his new drama. Yesterday he is in SG having two event there, & yesterday night I watch his live interview at Channel U since he being invited to SG by Channel U to promoting Sunshine Angel. And right at this time, one of the event are being held. 
Two of my friend go to SG to support him & attend the 2 event. And since I can't go there, I want to dedicated this post for him.
This is my 4 post about banana & since his favorite fruit is banana so I post this recipe.  I'm sure he will loves this banana pancake since he is not a picky eater & he can eat his favorite fruit without afraid got a migraine attack because eat too much of this fruit :)

  • 1 cup All Purpose Flour
  • 1/2 cup Bob Red Mill 10 Grain Flour
  • 1 large ripe Banana 
  • 1/4 cup Light Sour Cream
  • 3/4 cup Low Fat Milk
  • 2 tbsp Sugar
  • 2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 1 tbsp Baking Soda
  • 1/4 tsp Salt 
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 tbsp fresh Orange Juice
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla
  • 1 tbsp Evoo (extra virgin olive oil)

    • Pure the banana until smooth.
    • In a bowl place the dry ingredients together : flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, salt, stir well.
    • In another bowl mix the wet ingredients : eggs, sour cream, orange juice, vanilla, milk, banana, evoo.
    • Make a circle in the center of the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients. 

    • Mix the batter just until combine, don't over mix.
    • Don't worry about the lumps, lumps are welcome! ( tips from: une-deuxsenses )
    • Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes at room temperature.

    • In a low medium heat, spray your non-stick pan with a cooking spray, just a quick spray. Using your paper towel, wipe it out - slightly.
    • Pour your batter in the center of the pan.
    • When the edge star to set & bubbles begin to appear (2-3minutes), using your spatula - flip the batter. 

    • If you have kitchen racks, arrange your pancake in a single layer to allow your pancake cool down. Don't stack the pancake, stack them only when you plan to eat it right away. 
    • Do the same step with the rest of the batter. 
    • Serve with your homemade syrup.
    • Enjoy! ;) 

    I think this is a good start to start your morning... this banana pancake is for u ah Chun - GKC Jia You! :)

    A support not always have to be a presence or a gift, your blog post & food can be support for someone out there - for everyone... including someone far away & even for someone who doesn't know you 
    The best thing you can gift is a sincere heart... as simple as that - agree? ;) 

     Stay Healthy & Loves Your Kitchen More! ;) 

    Difficulty : Easy 
    Cooking Time : 45 minutes
    Makes : 12 pancakes 
    Recipe Adapted from : Dine and Dish


    1. Those pancakes look so soft, and fluffy! I am going to make some pumpkin pancakes for dinner too.

    2. Tq Angie! I'm looking for the post & recipe then! ;)

    3. The idea of banana in a pancake does sound delicious-we all know people load them on top usually. I have save this recipe for a special weekend. Your picture does make them look delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    4. What amazing pancakes - light and fluffy, and gorgeous with the syrup! Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday, supporting someone so inspirational!

    5. Those pancakes look perfect! Hope you had a very happy birthday =)

    6. First off, Happy Birthday! We have birthdays one day apart! Isn't amazing how food can be a common denominator? If you're a foodie - you automatically connect with fellow foodies! The pancakes are absolutely stunning!

    7. Those are perfect looking pancakes! Happy Birthday dear... I can't believe you traveled so far on your day! Wow! I am glad the movie was worth it!
      xo megan

    8. That stack of pancakes look awesome, now you have given me an idea to dedicate a dish or a piece of music to my favourite people some of whom are even dead! :)

    9. @Tina
      Yes! I think most ppl put the banana over the top, but to put the banana "inside" the pancake is sounds & taste great too!
      Tq Tina! ;)

    10. @Erin
      Tq erin! flufy & soft pancake is the best, especially in the morning!
      Yeah... I just got the idea since he is such a king of foodie & want all of u to know also ;)

    11. @Peggy
      Tq peggy for the whishes! ;)

    12. @Ann
      Ann! yes, when first time I read ur post about ur bday & award I'm amaze how did we have a bday & only 1 day apart?! amazing!
      ones again agree with u my dear - as a foodie, food did connecting ppl even the ppl we never meet > like u & me! ;)

    13. @Megan
      Tq for the birthday wishes mengan!
      Yes! I did enjoy the movie - in fact I'm planning to watch it again at Saturday... haha ha!

    14. @Choppinandmysaucepan
      Tq! I do also loves clasical music, almost all of them, I always play classic or jazz music when everytime I writing & when cooking also < it's a must! Agree? hehe he
      Glas I can give u the idea, just let me know when the dedicated post come out ya! ;)

    15. Happy Birthday! I love banana pancakes (the more lumps the better) - good choice!

    16. Happy belated birthday!
      I discovered pancakes just a few weeks ago, and now I'm in love with them (but mine aren't so homogeneous in cooking :S)... Now I have another recipe, YAY!

    17. Happy Birthday Elies! Oh either he's a foodie or not, I like him because he's cute!!!! LOL. Your banana pancakes look delicious. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    18. Happy belated birthday!!!! <3
      What a sweet post! Isn't it funny how food can connect people??? :-)))
      These pancakes look so good. I have never had banana pancakes, but I can imagine the fantastic taste and texture!!! YUM! Bookmarked!

    19. Happy belated birthday,,,never had banana pancake,something i must try,look Yum for "sarapan pagi" :)

    20. Happy Birthday! And picture perfect pancakes!!! What a great was to celebrate! :D

    21. I love pancakes! and banana... yum! What a great combo

    22. ah..aha..ahai.. Punya idola juga nih rupanya Elies..hehehe.. your banana pancake looks amazingly puffy dear.. love it so much! Pls grab your award at my page: http://c1tr4sinau.blogspot.com/2011/09/strawberry-blackberry-pie-dessert-and.html

    23. That looks great! I made banana pancakes once that were a huge fail about 6 years ago. I think it's time to give it another go!

    24. @Citra
      Haha ha!
      Tq citra! Already read the post but haven't have a chance to do the post for the award, thx again for thinking of me! ;)

    25. @Xiolu
      Hi Xialu! Tq! give it another go then! ;)

    26. @Russel
      Tq russel!
      Yes it is a great combo! ;)

    27. @Tiffani
      Hi tif! Tq for the bday wishes! ;)

    28. @Ridwan
      Tq ridwan! Yes, it's my favorite "sarapan pagi" :)
      Give it a try & let me know the result ya! ;)

    29. @Manu
      Hi manu!! Tq my dear, I'm honored! & tq for the bday wishes! u're the best! ;)

    30. @Nami
      Tq nami! I'm have a wonderful bday my dear, thx again :)
      Ohhh... he's cute huh? well... why I never notice that? "cutes" while eating! LOL

    31. @Giulietta
      Hi giulietta! Tq!
      and tq for the bday wishes dear! Please have this for breakfast! dessert breakfast! YaY! ;)

    32. @ruby
      Tq ruby! yes more lump are more better! ;)

    33. 2 of ur friends only, dear Els? :-( U forgot me here in SG, went to his 3days event at that time. Hehe no worries dear, Im jus teasing u. <3 And btw those pancake looks perfect in my eyes. Nicely done. :-)


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